The older, legacy version of Juxta is a Java-based application that can run on any modern personal computer. Please note that a newer version of this software is also available online at Juxta Commons.

We have packaged the client for Windows, Mac OSX, and UNIX operating systems, and it is freely available for download from the links below:

System Requirements

Juxta requires Java 1.6 to run and has been tested on Windows XP and later, as well as Mac OS X 10.6.8. The Windows installer will optionally install Java for you if it isn’t present and the Macintosh includes Java by default.

A note to Mac OS X users: If you are running OS X Lion v10.7.5 or higher, you may receive a “damaged file” warning upon trying to run the Juxta installer. In order to complete the installation, you can either change your Gatekeeper settings globally or use a contextual menu to tell Gatekeeper you want to open the file. For details, please see this Apple Support article.


If for some reason Juxta doesn’t behave properly, please consult our documentation. If you still have questions, please email for assistance. When you do so, it would be helpful to tell us which operating system you are using and which version of Java you are running. The latter can be found by typing java -version from the command prompt.

Source Code

The source code for Juxta is distributed under the Apache License and available on GitHub. There are separate public repositories for the desktop and web service versions of Juxta.