Juxta v1.4 Release

Juxta v1.4 is now available in the files area!

In addition to importing UTF-8 encoded plain text files, this new version of Juxta now supports direct import of XML source files in any well-formed schema, include TEI p4 and p5. No more preparing specialized versions of your witnesses for import into Juxta. Just import them and instantly start collating and learning things about your texts! You can configure how Juxta parses the tags it encounters. It can either include them in the reading copy, exclude them, or collate the tag type. For example if <b> changes to <i> for the same word across different witnesses, Juxta can help you detect this move. Complete details are in the online online casino julietta documentation on this website.sumo wrestling suits for sale

Other new features include:

  • The ability to pick a target XPath from which to read a document from an XML file.
  • The user can now easily examine the XML source of a difference and compare the XML of the source and the witness.
  • <li style="text-align: leftESupport for <add> <del> <addspan> and <delspan> TEI tags. These marks are now visible in the presentation of the document.

  • Automatically reads bibliographic data of TEI XML sources.
  • XML source files contained in the JXT file can now be exported by the user.
  • User can now take a screen shot of the currently displayed comparison.
  • The display font and font size are now configurable.

This development was made possible by the support of the SHANTI group at the University of Virginia.

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